Application Process

The Red Eagles Sports Varsity Program is a program for athletes focused in representing the school to various local, national or international sporting events. These athletes are recommended based on their playing performance, skills, and character. The program centers mainly on three events namely: basketball, volleyball and soccer.


A student who will be part of the Red Eagles Sports Varsity program will have these opportunities:

  1. Scholarship Grant of 100% Discount on TUITION FEE*  (Miscellaneous, Books and other fees are not included)
    • The following are the basic requirements for the 100% Discount on Tuition Fee:
      • General Average Grade of 80.00%, No Subject Grade of 74.99% or below
      • General Average Deportment Grade of at least 3 or equivalent remarks
      • Tardiness Maximum of 8
      • Absences Maximum of 4
      • Note: Volleyball Varsities and Soccer Varsities need to enroll to Holy Child – Mintal Campus.
  2. The program is available to athletes in both Regular and Sunday Schools.
  3. Athletes who belong to this program shall be given top of the line training that will encourage growth in skills, performance, and holistic character.
  4. For Junior High School (Grades 7-10), 50% of the MAPE grade will be provided by the coaches and the other 50% will be provided by their MAPE instructors. All student-athletes are required to attend their Health Subjects. For Senior High School (Grades 11-12), grades will be provided by their respective coaches.
  5. They will be given official set of uniforms to be used for their leagues and competitions.
  6. Dormitory will be available to qualified athletes only.

Application Process:

Step 1: Applicant must secure a CSP Form 1 and CSP Form 2 from the Guidance Office. The applicant, parent or guardian should accomplish CSP Forms 1 and 2 carefully and completely, answering all questions. No information should be left blank. (Write NA if the question is Not Applicable.)

Step 2: The Applicant needs to secure a RED EAGLES SCHOLARSHIP Recommendation Form from the Sports Office. The Recommendation Form should be signed by their respective Coaches, Registrar’s Office, Guidance Office and Sports Director.

Step 3: Staple and compile all documents required in a Long Brown Folder:

  • CSP Form 1, CSP Form 2
  • Red Eagles Scholarship Recommendation Form (Signed by the Team Coach, Registrar, Guidance Office and Sports Director)
  • Clear Photocopy of Report Card (back to back)
  • Original PSA Birth Certificate
  • Clear Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate
  • Medical Certificate with “Fit to Play Recommendation” (with Laboratory Results: Urinalysis, Fecalysis, CBC Test, X-Ray, ECG)

Do not leave your applications to any school offices. It is important that the applicant will keep the incomplete applications personally.

Step 4: Once completed, submit the Application to the Sports Office for Reviewing. The Sports Office will collect the Applications and will present it to the Scholarship Committee for approval.

Approved Scholarships will be posted on our official social media pages and on this website.