U7 Draws with PRISAA

Tionko Field – “It’s going to be a hard game”, Coach Murphy Somosot narrates his thoughts before the game with the EMAR Rosted PRISAA (Unit 5) team yesterday afternoon. Unit 5 notably destroyed Unit 4 with a 17-0 run during their game earlier that day. But Unit 7 team instead set up a defensive game play just to endure against Unit 5’s stint.

Coach Murphy Somosot leads his team’s prayer for guidance and safety before the game with the PRISAA team.

At the beginning of the first half, the difference between the two teams in strength, precision and spacing was already obvious. Unit 5’s stalling kept the Unit 7 defenders busy.

End of the first half, Unit 7 endured PRISAA’s storm with several goal attempts. At the bench, Coach Somosot reminded his players to keep it cool and focus on their defensive play. The team did not want to waste more players after their tough game with Unit 8 which injured most of them.

The second half started. And, the crowd favorite PRISAA team still has not managed to strike a goal. Things are becoming rough but the U7 Footballers are determined to defend their goal from the goal thirsty Unit 5.

In the middle of the game, Coach Somosot’s fears started to picture out as several players are getting injured again. Eric Lorieta, who made the two wins possible, suffered an ankle injury and most of the players are already exhausted.

Entering the last minutes of the game, Unit 7 still endured. PRISAA still manages to punch a hole to find Aaron Ellorin, Goal Keeper, and Amir Amaikurut’s, defender, weakest point but has no luck.

The game finished with a draw. Both U7 and U5 ended the eliminations with a 2 wins and 1 draw standing.